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Greetings to everyone who came to Maria’s website and decided to read the testimonials page. I’m sure you are here not by accident, and it is time for some change in your life. 🙂 Long ago I read in a book that teachers come into our lives when we are ready. And I completely agree with this. About nine months ago I met with Maria. At that time I was experiencing one of the most difficult periods of my life. I understood that I couldn’t go on like that and needed to do something about it. The same scenarios kept happening to me, but each time it was harder and harder for me.

I had a failed marriage under my belt (which brought a lot of stressful situations), a new relationship marching in under the same scenario, not a very stable relationship with my parents, low self-esteem, lack of personal boundaries, and eyes full of fear of how to live and what to do with my life next. Well, in addition to all this, my ignorance and lack of self-acceptance, and consequently, a lack of love and respect for myself. Complete kit! 🙂 At the time, I certainly was not aware of all this and only kept asking myself “Why me? What for?”

Prior to starting to work with Maria, I did not fully believe everything could change the way I wanted, (or to be exact, I did not even know what I wanted), but out of the depths of despair and curiosity I decided to try. I felt very warm and cozy when working with Maria. There was no fear or stress in communicating with her. She was available and always willing to listen and support me (especially when realizations came after sessions). Was it an easy process for me? No! It was a difficult but very interesting and fruitful period. After each Cosmoenergy session, a new realization came. (For example, working through my personal boundaries. After the session, I remembered a chain of events in which my boundaries were violated (it was very painful and sad), or to put it more accurately, I understood that I simply did not have any personal boundaries. Then I clearly understood how to act… then some situations started to happen which allowed me to apply my new understanding. The necessary articles, books, and people who helped me to realize it came through, of course, with Maria’s guidance.

As a result of our work with Maria I have:

  • established a great relationship with my parents (the relationship between my father and mother has also changed for the better)

  • created healthy personal boundaries which I boldly put into practice. It’s so great!!!

  • my self-esteem has improved

  • come out of the destructive relationship and realized how to act like a woman (with my partner and his mother))

  • dropped my “victim” mentality in which I had lived in the last few years

  • become calm and relaxed, and learn to react with a smile to small stressful situations. My body is no longer strained and my eyes are no more rounded with fear. My friends laugh and say that I now have a second name “Don’t worry” 🙂

  • changed my social circle. Many friends and acquaintances have simply fallen off, and new friends with interests similar to mine have appeared in my life.

  • some great changes in my work and career have happened. A process that usually stretches for a year had ended in just a few months.

  • finally obtained the professional license I’ve been striving for.

  • learned to hear and listen to myself and my body. I realized what I love, and what I want to do, and do it with pleasure.

  • my neck pain that plagued me for a long time has gone away. My shoulders and posture have straightened, and my gait has become smoother.

  • finally become a woman – dresses, skirts, and good laughter came into my life firmly and permanently. I changed my taste in clothes. My style has become more feminine and sexy. I now want to and do take care of my body which gives me great satisfaction.

  • I feel like I’ve become kinder to people. I stopped judging and criticizing others – a habit I couldn’t get rid of for a long time. I’m still learning, but I’m starting to enjoy doing good to others. (Of course, not to my detriment)

It seems I could list these changes forever because in these nine months, my life has changed so dramatically. From a crying, frightened child, I turned into an adult and self-confident woman, who knows herself and knows what she wants in life. And it’s so cool !!!!! It is so great to choose my circle of friends instead of being chosen, to do what you want instead of what someone else wants you to do, to say “no” when you feel like saying “no” and not worry about what others will think of you. Life is a wonderful thing! The main thing is to see it clearly and not to be in a hurry 🙂

P.S. I also became a student of Maria and now practice the method of Cosmoenergy myself. Now I can say with confidence this method can help you solve absolutely any problem. The main thing is to be willing to do it. 🙂

N.S., San Francisco

I was recommended to Maria by a friend who suffered a stroke and had been receiving help from her. After listening to his experiences, I felt compelled to give it a try as well. I had tried practicing self-help and many other methods, but all seemed to have short-lived results. I met Maria over a year ago now and she exudes kindness, warmth and has a heart of gold which comes through in all her teachings and interactions. Her teachings helped me get out of a vicious circle of doubt, depression and failed relationship. It was a hard realization but one for which I am eternally grateful.

Olga P., San Francisco

As a geophysical engineer by training, I live with the belief that a human being should be harmonious in all areas of their lives: in mind, body, and spirit, and that there is always a chance for a miracle in life. But it so happened that my body became disabled in a car accident, and my thoughts were fogged from constant pain. As a result of the accident, I had to do neurology treatment once or twice a year for 20-30 days at a time and received a disability. I had three out of four possible types of migraines. The duration of my migraine attacks lasted anywhere from 3 to 7 days and their frequency was 3-4 times a month.

So when nearly two years ago I reached out to Maria for a helping hand, I was very glad she could work with me. I trusted the process but barely had any strength to stand on my feet during the session because of another migraine attack. Relief came almost immediately after the session. I could feel the energy as if I were standing under a warm relaxing shower. With each session, I was getting better and better and it was becoming easier and easier to stand on my feet. With time, Maria became not only my healer but also my teacher of the Cosmoenergy method. After I began to practice Cosmoenergy myself, my migraine attacks became even weaker and less frequent!

Now I have a different state of being, different thoughts, and a very different quality of life: I lost the extra weight, my activity time has doubled (for me it is a great achievement), I can drive a car again, and my prescription intake has decreased to a minimum. I’m very grateful for Maria’s help and teaching me the method of Cosmoenergy which has changed me and my life for the better.

Olya A., Sacramento

I received treatment from Maria for a chronic neuropathic condition normally considered to be incurable. Our work together proved most fruitful. My condition improved significantly during the time we worked together, and the improvement has remained many weeks after treatment.

I have worked in the alternative healing arts for several decades, and I can attest that Maria works according to true principles of spiritual healing. She also has great human warmth and commitment to her clients which contribute significantly to the healing process.

H Reid S., C. Hom., San Francisco

Eight weeks have passed since I first reached out to Maria to learn about healing, and it feels like such a long time ago! Such a tremendous transformation in my state of mind, and most importantly, my perspective – now, looking back it’s hard to believe I was once in that state where it felt impossible to break free from depression and hopelessness. It was an unusually unstable time for me, where I found myself in a wavering mental state, constantly struggling to control my extreme mood swings. It was perhaps a spiritual impediment manifesting itself in all aspects of my life – emotional, mental and physical – after a long series of setbacks in my personal and work life. There was a dire need for transformation at all levels and it was at that point that, feeling bogged down and exhausted – I decided to seek relief through Cosmoenergy healing, on a dear friend’s recommendation. This one step has transformed my perspective and my life in such a powerful way.

As I started working with Maria I noticed how compassionate and patient she is as she explained the intricacies of this holistic healing technique. She immediately recognized the most urgent areas that needed attention and engaged me to focus on those areas one by one as we progressed with the program week after week. She was always careful not to overwhelm me, and always shared the most pertinent pieces of information – along with her very own honest personal perspective on the issues we addressed. I truly felt like we worked together and I had someone along the way with a true vested interest in my development.

The effects of the cleansing became apparent – momentary physical sensations and aches I had never experienced before, exhaustion, a greater need to be introspective and to observe all the changes in mood, but one thing remained constant – that I was always, enthusiastically looking forward to the next session. Although these changes were temporary, they were tangible, and Maria spent a lot of time discussing them with me. She provided positive guidance – emotional, spiritual and also specific actions – to keep me motivated and focused on our approach every step of the way.

The results are tangible – I see a direct observable difference in my state of mind, and quite surprisingly, in my life outside as well. I am beginning to recognize the meaning of “thoughts are destiny”. Starting from a point of dire hopelessness, a downward spiral of negative, self-defeating behavior and its consequences on my psyche and body, I now find myself in a state of stability and firmly grounded in a calm, positive outlook on life and its meaning. The swinging moods have disappeared; I can’t even recall what it was like to be in that state anymore. An acceptance of things that will be, but also a renewed enthusiasm to take action in areas that need work.

I am grateful for how deeply engaged Maria was with me, but also that she gave me the tools to help address my issues, and dive within to find my own answers and strength. She has been a healer, friend and spiritual guide – who knows her skill and technique thoroughly. The healing technique has been very powerful for me and shown tangible results in my overall health – I’m now looking forward to going deeper and further in this practice.

I’d like to add that I was also seeing a therapist for a brief period of time initially, in order to address my symptoms in a more conscious way. But after just a few sessions I felt the need to wean it off – because I naturally felt disinclined to obsessively talk about “issues”; there’s not much left there that bothers me, and my attitude is now to focus on improving things in my control. Healing, meditation and introspection have effectively sorted it out for me, and I can say this transformation is irreversible. I highly recommend Cosmoenergy to anyone longing to shake things up in their life inside out and emerge joyful, centered and healthy.

Megha S., New York

I have been doing Cosmoenergy sessions with Maria for about 2.5 years now and I also practice the method myself. I started doing it when I was in a very dark period of my life, I had a lot of emotional, health and relationship problems. After being disappointed with having no results from conventional medicine and psychology I was looking for something different and luckily I came across the Cosmoenergy method. I can’t even begin to count all the benefits and profound changes that it brought to my life, even though the process of cleansing of all the accumulated negativity wasn’t easy.

Maria’s spiritual knowledge and intuitive abilities are amazing; she guided me through the whole process and continues to support me. Even though in the Cosmoenergy method the healer is considered only a conduit, I feel that Maria’s love, patience and compassion have played a huge role in my healing process.

Natalie M., Los Angeles

I cannot talk enough about the positive impact Cosmoenergy has made on my life. My journey with Cosmoenergy started with healing sessions with Maria but now this is a way of life for me. It has made a positive impact on me physically, spiritually as well as environmentally. Cosmoenergy touched not just me but also my family in a very gentle and positive manner. Cosmoenergy sessions not only help you overcome challenges but also equip you with a heightened self-awareness that helps you identify how your thoughts and actions impact you and others.  I am blessed to have met my friend, philosopher and spiritual guide in Maria, who is an excellent Cosmoenergy healer and teacher. Thanks to her, I am now a Cosmoenergy practitioner as well and use it each and every day of my life. This powerful knowledge is available for anyone and everyone to take advantage of to learn and to apply. I encourage anyone looking to improve the quality of their life to take the first step with a session. Believe me, it will change your life.

V.S., San Francisco

I remember when my mom, who started doing sessions with Maria, first introduced me to her and told me about Cosmoenergy. My dad raised me to be skeptical so naturally, I was. I was skeptical of Maria and her belief in this cosmic energy that I had never heard of before. My mom was really into it and was very good friends with Maria so I thought I would give it a chance.

Leading up to the start of my first sessions, I was experiencing an artistic block that had lasted two years until that point. I used to draw, make collages, paint, do everything and then it faded out and I stopped doing it completely. At one point I took all the art down from my walls in my room so that I could paint them and I never ended up putting the art back up, so my walls were just blank for about a year an a half. After completing the second session, I came home and I had this spark and I spent hours on hours making art and putting it up everywhere. It was really interesting to feel that motivation that I hadn’t felt in years. After that I make the final decision to continue the sessions even though they can be hard, especially because I can’t even sit still. Standing still for forty minutes is difficult but it teaches you how to persevere and you really do feel different afterwards, in different ways each session. I definitely feel more confident about myself and tasks that I encounter. I also have a different perspective on the world after hearing these ideas.

I got to know Maria more as the sessions continued and I have to say I have never met a more intelligent or authentic person in my entire life, and I doubt I ever will. She really cares about every one of her clients and spends so much time making sure I understand everything, she always takes the time to reply to my texts when I ask her for advice. I can talk to her about everything, even things I can’t talk to my mom or my best friend about. Although I have only recently started sessions, I can already feel the difference, but that’s nothing compared to how much my mom improved both mentally and physically after doing the sessions rigorously. For years she had these mysterious stomach problems that no doctor could figure out. After starting Cosmoenergy, they literally disappeared and I have never seen my mom healthier or happier in my entire life, I could even see my parents’ relationship improve as my mom improved. I really recommend Cosmoenergy for anyone no matter what level they’re on because there’s always room for improvement.

Elizabeth A., Berkeley

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