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Cosmoenergy sessions promote full harmonization of your mind and body by curing various diseases and improving your state of mind, health, and consequently, your overall quality of life. The benefits of the sessions begin almost immediately, sometimes even after attending the first few sessions. During the sessions, you will experience purification of your negative energy build-up, such as aggression, fear, hatred, anger, jealousy, etc. This alone promotes a more enlightened state of mind, spiritual growth, freedom from negative & impeding thoughts, feelings, actions & people, inclinations towards taking drugs & other intoxicating substances, suicidal thoughts, and feelings of loneliness & despair. The method of Cosmoenergy activates your inner potential, relieves tension and stress, removes depression, bad mood, anxieties & phobias and removes the root cause of the diseases and problems.


During the healing sessions, the healer creates a link between you and the channels, which possess intellect, allowing them do all the work. The healer is only the mediator. Humans can make mistakes, but the channels never do. During the session, the sick or weak organs are located by the channels and the blocks of negative energy are removed. This is why during or after the session, the clients may sometimes experience unpleasant feelings, such as unprovoked emotions, uncomfortable sensations, and slight nausea, though they do not necessarily appear in most cases. The healer is responsible for following all the rules to conduct the session. If needed, they can also make some recommendations to the client and guide them  towards recovery from the disease or problem. But most importantly, the healer is responsible for their own self-improvement and self-development.


Cosmoenergy focuses on the harmonization of the entire body. It is designed to treat not just one disease or problem but the entire human being. Getting to the root and cause of the problem or illness takes time and patience, thus, treatment of complex diseases, such as chronic alcoholism, addiction, depression, epilepsy, etc., can take longer depending on the progress of the individual. Less complicated illnesses or problems can be cured in less time. Generally, for a full recovery from an illness, a great amount of negative energy must be removed. Some problems might re-appear again for a short period of time before they leave you forever. It is very important to understand this aspect of the treatment and go through these experiences without anger or frustration, seeing this as an inevitable part of the recovery process. Time and patience are essential. Improvement of all conditions will come, but to receive this improvement, joint work between the client and the Cosmoenergy healer is necessary.


The Western medicine’s approach assumes only those who have already became sick should ask for medical help. The Eastern medicine’s approach is completely different. From the earliest times, people in the East believed everybody needed therapy to improve their health & fortune and discover their potential. Some of the greatest psychologists of the 20th century K. G. Jung, A. Maslow, and S. Groff adhered to the same opinion. Jung believed every person possessed the urgent need for inner evolution and understanding of the true meaning of life. Moreover, he believed when this need was not satisfied, different emotional & psychological problems could arise. Abraham Maslow discovered people who achieved self-realization were more creative and clear in their perception of reality while living in harmony with themselves and others.
Cosmoenergy is based on the Eastern traditions. If you decide to work with this method, you should know it does not just treat individual organs, such as the liver or kidneys, nor does it solve only one problem. The method of Cosmoenergy heals the whole human with all their problems, both physical and spiritual, as the person’s health and destiny are interrelated. As a result of the sessions both health and destiny improve simultaneously.
It does not matter what motivated you to come to the Cosmoenergy session, because you will gradually heal your physical, emotional and spiritual challenges in life. Health and life in general are linked interdependently. One of the main reasons for the modern medicine’s crisis is that physicians try to treat separate organs and systems, splitting the human body into separate parts and severing physical body from psychic life and spirit. We forgot the ancient doctors have told us that the human is a single whole and not just a set of bones, muscles, and organs. It is an interrelated connection between the mind and the body. We are often asked questions like, “Is it possible to cure one specific disease?” or “I just want to increase my well-being.” That kind of approach is limited and only temporarily removes the problems lying on the surface. Each symptom such as painful emotions or diseases are signals from the system called the Human Being. It is crying for help. By removing the symptom, we do not only ignore the request of our system, but instead we silence the cry leaving the true problem invisible, yet still existent. With this approach, nothing changes in our system and sooner or later, it will “cry” again. It may attempt to knock on the door of our consciousness as a plea for help, but will instead manifest itself as the same problem or ailment, it may also appear in a different form.
Somebody once compared removing the symptoms of a disease with a car running out of gas. The car is giving a signal to the driver: the bulb blinks and the gas indicator approaches zero. The driver removes the “symptom” by switching off the indicator, because he does not want it to disturb him, but the car does not fill itself. Instead, it runs out of gas and finally stops. This is why the healer and the client must treat not just one symptom or one disease, but the true cause of the problem. No matter what kind of sickness the client has, the healer must treat each problem from the root and the human as a whole.


The practitioner works with you either in person or remotely during the Cosmoenergy sessions following a specific procedure and schedule. Initially, you will need to inform the practitioner of your concerns. He/she then determines approximately how many sessions will be required to correct the imbalances and explains you what you will need to do on your part.The recommended schedule is a couple of sessions per week. The usual session frequency is from 8 to 15 sessions per each course of treatment, followed by a one- or two-month break to process the benefits of the sessions.
During the Cosmoenergy session, you need to stand in a comfortable, relaxed position with your eyes closed for about 30-40 minutes. The idea is to be relaxed enough not to resist or hinder the streams of channeled energy that will be washing through and over your body. If you feel like rocking back and forth, moving your arms, bending down or even taking a few steps, you should let it happen, even if it seems ridiculous. It is important not to restrain the movements. There are usually chairs placed behind you in case of any dizziness or fatigue to ensure a safe and comfortable environment.


We will be happy to answer any of your Cosmoenergy-related questions. Please Contact Us directly.

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