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Practicing the Cosmoenergy method allows one to bring the entire body to balance and cure diseases by improving one’s state of mind, health, and consequently, one’s life. The benefits begin almost immediately. During the session, a person experiences purification of their negative energy build-up, such as aggression, fear, hatred, anger, jealousy, etc. Such cleansing alone promotes a more enlightened state of mind; spiritual growth; freedom from negative & impeding thoughts, emotions, and actions; inclinations towards taking drugs and other intoxicating substances; suicidal thoughts, and feelings of loneliness & despair.

Our actions, including our thoughts & desires (good & malicious), which occur in the physical world neither disappear nor vanish completely. Instead of disappearing, which is what one would assume, they remain suspended in the space around us and become embedded in our subtle bodies. It is logical to conclude that our life and health are influenced not only by our physical interactions with the world through our words and actions, but also through our emotions, desires, and thoughts which remain in the space surrounding us. Destructive thoughts and uncontrolled emotions pollute this space. So like attracts like. We reap what we have sown. Love begets love and anger begets anger. No immediate or visible change occurs on the physical plane, yet changes in the subtle body will inevitably materialize.

When we project negative thoughts onto other people, we shouldn’t be surprised to get more negativity from completely unrelated people. We often ask ourselves or the people who we think have “punished” us “Why?” because we lack an understanding that our failures, problems, diseases, “bad luck,” depression, chronic fatigue, irritation, insomnia, loneliness, financial problems, and many other issues are manifestations of excessive negativity within ourselves!

Cosmic energy channels help us with these problems by removing the blockages and accumulation of negative energy from our chakras and flushing them out with pure cosmic energy. As a result, our diseases & problems disappear or come to pass less intensely. However, if we do not strive to keep our thoughts and emotions filled with love, positivity, and well-wishing, we will not be able to get the full benefit of Cosmoenergy.

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