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Cosmoenergy is a unique method for a person’s physical, emotional, and spiritual healing and self-improvement using the informational component of the Universe, referred to as “channels”.

The concept of channels is used not only in Cosmoenergy. For example, the ancient spiritual discipline of Yoga and the traditional Hindu medicine system of Ayurveda have been applying the concept of channels for thousands of years. In Ayurveda, the physical body of a person is seen as a network of channels – from the gastrointestinal tract to channels of the nervous, respiratory, and circulatory systems. In Yoga, the channels of the physical body are believed to interconnect with the subtle channels or nadis, through which the energies of the subtle body flow. Nadis allow the energy to flow through every part of a human body just as the negative and positive forces of electricity flow through circuits. Nadis are not anatomical structures, but rather guiding forces of life or “flows” of intelligence.

If we look at nature, we can also find examples of physical channels – rivers, ocean, wind, and electric currents to gravitational forces that hold together the solar system and subtle channels – various currents of energy in cosmic space.

Dr. David Frowley, a founder and director of the American Institute of Vedic Studies and author of many books on Ayurveda and Yoga in his article “Vayu Rahasya: Secret of Vayu,  describes, “Modern science recognizes that the universe consists of a fabric of space filled with various types of channels, currents or wormholes that are filled with dynamic interchanges” (1). These various types of channels, including currents, nadis, and wormholes, penetrate all of space on many levels and dimensions and exist in all objects in nature.

As Dr. Frowley notes from the Vedic point of view, all subtle channels are aspects of Vayu, the cosmic air force. This cosmic force sustains all processes in the universe and pervades all material existence and conditions of all its activities. Everything comes from and returns to Vayu.  At an outer level, Vayu is space and energy from which the universe manifests. At an inner level, Vayu is “the formless principle of air and space, the invisible Spirit or Brahman behind the visible world of the earth, water, and fire elements, the realm of name and form” (1).

Similar to these subtle channels, the channels used in Cosmoenergy are the cosmic forces that originate not just as space and energy, but also as formless and invisible nature. As guiding forces possessing intelligence, the Cosmoenergy channels encompass body and mind and promote cleansing, healing, and rejuvenation. 

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