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Origin of Cosmoenergy

Many may already know what Reiki is. In Reiki, only one channel is commonly used. Cosmoenergy uses about 200 channels. The first channel was discovered by the Indian yogis after a long group meditation. Gradually, other channels were discovered similarly. The history of Cosmoenergy as a healing method can be traced back to 1918 when a group of several Soviet scientists as part of the Soviet government’s secret initiative began to study the channels from India, Tibet, Afghanistan, and other countries. In the 1990’s, after the collapse of the USSR, the method of Cosmoenergy became widespread thanks to its founder Vladimir Petrov, who studied the cosmic energy channels and taught the method of Cosmoenergy to several of his students.


One of Petrov’s first students was Dr. Emil Bagirov who defended a thesis for a doctorate on the usage of cosmic energies, wrote many articles referencing the use of cosmic energy as a means to improve one’s physical and mental health, and scientifically proved the existence of cosmic energy “channels”. Dr. Bagirov formed the Classic Cosmoenergy School and the International Classic Cosmoenergy Federation (ICCF). In December 2009, the ICCF was accepted by the World Health Organization of the United Nations. Dr. Bagirov’s school of Cosmoenergy became known as “Classic Cosmoenergy.” The school places a great emphasis on the self-development of a person who is gradually being purified and naturally begins to master supernatural abilities, such as clairvoyance, healing abilities, etc. 
Classic Cosmoenergy has been recognized by the Russian Center of Traditional Medicine and the Professional Union of Healers of Russia.


In his time, Confucius formulated his Golden Rule in the “Talks and opinions” as “One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself” – a perfect rule, which combines both spiritual and moral greatness.

Cosmoenergy is a method based on the use of the cosmic energy-informational fields or “channels” that possess healing properties. The healing effects can be experienced through interaction of the Cosmoenergy practitioner with yet-to-be-determined by science cosmic energy channels.

There is a hypothesis that suggests the interactions between people and channels are possible thanks to a real manifestation of material traces of “dark cosmic matter.” According to current scientific studies, the matter visible to us is only a part of what makes up our world. The remaining part is something we know almost nothing about. This mysterious “something” is named “dark matter.”

If we look back in the history, we can note the greatest scientific discoveries were the result of the most insignificant controversies. As such, in 16th century, Copernicus suggested Earth was not located in the center of the Universe, a model based on the measured movement of celestial bodies. Physicist Dr. Niels Bohr’s developed ideas about the notion of complementarity which were considered “wild and fantastical.” His ideas were commented as: “If the absurd that Bohr has just published is correct, then we can quit our careers as physicists right now, <…> throw all physics into a landfill and go there ourselves” (Otto Stern, 1913 Nobel prize laureate). The theory of thermodynamics was followed by statements, such as “Nonsense under the guise of science” (F.I. Fedorov, B.I. Stepanov, Academy of Sciences Magazine, Belorussian Soviet Socialistic Republic, 1974, #5, p. 131-133).

At the end of the 20th century – beginning of the 21st century, yet another revolution commenced with discovery that the expansion of the Universe was accelerating. As a result of observing small variations in the brightness of the exploding stars, astronomers developed a theory demonstrating that 74% of the energy in our Universe is unknown. All space is filled with some “substance”, exotic “energy” which varies from all substance known to science and generates a repulsion effect. This substance was named “dark energy” by science.

In 2011 American scientists Saul Perlmutter from University of California in Berkley and Adam Raines from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore together with Brian Schmidt from Australian National University became the Nobel Prize laureates in physics for proving the accelerated expansion of the Universe.

According to data from the NASA spacecraft WMAP (Wilkinson Microware Anisotropy Probe) designated to study the relict radiation formed as a result of the Big Bang, the Universe consists of 74% of dark energy, 22% of dark matter, 3.6% of intergalactic gas, and only 0.4% of stars, planets, comets, etc. Fourteen years have passed since the discovery of dark energy, but science still does not exactly know what dark energy is.

Success of the therapeutic method of Cosmoenergy was confirmed by many scientific studies that were first conducted by the Classic Cosmoenergy School by Emil Bagirov and Institute of Psychology and Cosmoenergy and later continued by the International Classic Cosmoenergy Federation (ICCF). Cosmoenergy today has a solid evidence base for confirming the existence of cosmic energy channels. The widespread and real success of Cosmoenergy treatment sessions for health improvement purposes has been recorded in thousands of documents from various Cosmoenergy centers of the Classic Cosmoenergy in Russia and abroad.

Eight patents have been received – two in Russian Federation and six in European Union – that prove not only reality and objectivity of channels, but also their restorative effects on a patient’s health. The study “Dynamics of psycho-physiological rates of patients with neurotic disorders under impact of Cosmoenergy treatment sessions” was published in various scientific journals, including the journal “Medical Sciences” in section “Psychiatry.” This study showed the effectiveness of neurotic disorders and depression treatment. To prove effectiveness of neurotic disorders treatment with help of Cosmoenergy treatment sessions, three hundred patients were treated using the Cosmoenergy treatment sessions over three years.

The study “Possibilities of Cosmoenergy treatment sessions in restoring person’s health” published in the journal “Medical Science” (2011, #6) also demonstrates the method’s restorative effects. Later, the scientific studies of this method resulted in several patients – patent of the Russian Federation #2270804 from 27 February, 2006 “Method for obtaining activated liquid” and patent received in European Union #CIG 01N 33/50 from February 15, 2007 “Method for determining effectiveness of the chronic gastritis and reflex esophagitis treatment” and others.

Since 2001 the International Classic Cosmoenergy Federation has been conducting clinical research in various medical institutions in Russia and other countries. More than ten years of scientific studies of several thousand patients have provided considerable statistical data. The results of these studies are periodically published in a number of Russian journals, such as “Medical Sciences”, “Actual Problems of Modern Science”, “Natural and Exact Sciences”, “Graduate Student and Applicant”, etc. Many scientific studies have been published at (in Russian). Based on the materials of scientific studies, monographs “Cosmoenergy phenomena” in two volumes have been published. Scientific studies of the method continue to this day and prove again and again the objectivity and effectiveness of the Classic Cosmoenergy method.

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