The Law of Karma

For many people the concept of karma, or the law of cause and effect, is not new. The principle of karma defines how our intentions, thoughts and actions (the cause) influence our future (the effect). According to this law, our positive intentions, thoughts, or actions will lead to the positive effect and our future happiness, and vice versa, our negative deeds will contribute to the negative effect and our future suffering. Or simply speaking “What goes around comes around.”

Does Reincarnation Really Exist?

I recently came across an interesting report from The Today Show on NBC about a 10-year old boy Ryan from the Midwest who claimed to remember his past life as a movie extra and later a successful Hollywood agent who died more than 50 years ago. Ryan’s case was studied by Dr. Jim Tucker, professor of psychiatry from the University of Virginia who investigated over the years more than 2,500 such cases and verified the facts from the deceased agent’s life to match the story told